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It's February and we are in the midst of flu season. We can’t think of a better blend to have by your side than Immunity. That’s why we are offering up to 70% OFF our Immunity Signature Blend for this month only!

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Prevention is the greatest medicine and boosting your immune system is the best way to ensure you stay healthy. At Miracle Essential Oils, we’ve realized that the common cold doesn’t have to be so common. All of nature’s greatest gifts are already available for us to extract into essential oils, so by carefully selecting the most immune-boosting ingredients, we were able to craft a unique blend to help keep your most important asset happy and healthy — your body.

Lets take a closer look at the ingredients that make up this complex and powerful blend.


Cinnamon Oil

Cinnamon's amazing aroma makes every room feel warm and cozy. Apart from its delightful fragrance cinnamon oil is packed with many health benefits. Cinnamon oil is known to help fight viruses and free radicals while stimulating the immune system. Its powerful aroma is packed with antioxidant stimulating compounds that help keep you healthy. These same compounds are also known to reduce inflammation and help clear nasal passages.


Clove Oil

Clove is a broad spectrum anti-microbial, which means it’s excellent at keeping parasites at bay. Clove is the perfect oil to help ward off germs. However, if the flu starts to get the best of you, clove is known to help improve circulation and boost energy, helping you get back to your normal self.


Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus has been used for its medicinal and healing properties for many years. Eucalyptus’ ability to help heal and prevent infection is nothing short of amazing. Eucalyptus leaves are often used to dress and protect wounds from infection. It is unique in that it helps the body cleanse itself of toxins and harmful microorganism. It’s also excellent at cleansing the air of harmful bacteria (simply diffuse several drops daily to help maintain a healthy and clean environment). Eucalyptus can also alleviate symptoms of sinusitis, allergies, or common cold, for almost instant relief try rubbing a small amount on your chest and inhale deeply.


Orange Oil

Have you ever noticed a lot of cleaning supplies smell like orange? That’s no coincidence. A lot of household cleaners contain orange oil because not only does it improve the smell, orange oil also contains cleansing properties that help eliminate bacterial pathogens. We added orange to our Immunity Blend to make it even more versatile, mix a few drops of Immunity into a spray bottle along with a little coconut oil and water and your ready to start cleaning countertops and appliances without using any harsh chemicals.


Wintergreen Oil

Nothing says crisp and clean like Wintergreen essential oil. Not only does this oil smell amazing but it's known to fight free radicals, combat viruses, and prevent bacterial overgrowth. Wintergreen can also help with congestion and swelling while helping reduce fevers generally associated with common illnesses. While Wintergreen is safe for consumption it's always good to proceed with caution. Wintergreen is very concentrated in methyl salicylate, while this component is known to provide pain relief and reduce inflammation this very potent oil should only be taken internally in very small doses.


Rosemary Oil

Finally we get to Rosemary essential oil. This aromatic herb is not only a great addition to many dishes but also an excellent addition to our immune boosting blend. Rosemary is full of carnosol, a rich antioxidant that helps reduce and prevent inflammation while also protecting against chronic diseases. Rosemary is a wonderful detoxifier through boosting the performance of the liver.

So now that you’ve been introduced to our Immunity Signature Blend it's time to start incorporating it into your daily routine. If you’re like me and love DIY projects, we’ve got a great one for you today! These Immunity Shower Melts are the perfect addition to your bathing regiment; you’ll wonder why you ever showered without them.

Some Simple Ways to Use Immunity Signature Blend:

  • On-the-Go: Dab 1 drop under your nose and breath gently or place 1-2 drops on the back of your neck.
  • Immunity Boost: Add 2-3 drops to a veggie capsule and swallow with 8oz of water to combat illness.
  • Purify: Diffuse 5-6 drops to help keep the air fresh and clean all day long!

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As always we use 100% natural and pure essential oils. All our oils undergo vigorous testing in our lab with GC-MS and Refractive index certifications proving their purity and safety for consumption when used as directed.

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