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Hello, March and hello discounts! This month we are showcasing one of our most coveted oils, Bergamot. We are offering this amazingly fragrant and medicinal oil for up to 65% OFF for this month ONLY (while supplies last)!

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Chances are you’ve been using Bergamot for years without ever even knowing it! Its fresh, sweet, citrusy scent makes is a popular addition to many perfumes, shampoos, lotions... you name it! It’s the perfect oil to have diffusing in your home while you’re dreaming of spring this month. But there is more to this oil than just a beautiful scent, its chalk full of holistic healing powers. From acne treatment to fever reduction the applications are almost endless.

We’d love to tell you a little more about this amazingly versatile essential oil and some of its many uses.

Here are some of the many benefits of Bergamot Essential Oil ...

  1. Natural Mood Enhancer:

    Winter is beautiful, there is no questioning that... but come March, with spring on the horizon, it’s easy to get a little tired of the cooler temperatures. Luckily, the flavonoids in Bergamot are known to act as natural mood boosters and depression relievers, helping you to stay positive during this seasonal transition and all year long! These wonderful chemical constituents can work wonders: balancing hormones, blood pressure, and even stress levels. The delicious aroma of Bergamot oil can help relieve anxiety, reduce mental fatigue, and combat feelings of depression (no more stinking thinking!). It’s the perfect oil to have diffusing in your home while you (im)patiently wait for spring.

  2. Pain Reliever:

    Many of Bergamot’s beneficial effects stem from its ability to stimulate hormone secretion. This hormone secretion can help reduce nerve sensitivity to pain, making Bergamot an excellent replacement for many over-the-counter pain relievers that have many potentially adverse side effects (not to mention the stress they put on your liver and kidneys). Rubbing 5 drops of Bergamot oil (you can dilute in carrier oil as well) on affected areas can help lessen the discomfort cause by headaches, muscles aches, sprains, and cramps.

  3. Skin Care:

    Bergamot is a skin care miracle worker! Its antimicrobial and antiseptic properties make it one of my go to “skin saving” oils. Whether you have a cut, eczema, or any skin irritation Bergamot oil can provide relief while it promotes healing. For older injuries, Bergamot can help even out skin tone and reduce the appearance of scars (including those caused by acne). Bergamot’s germ-preventing properties and refreshing aroma make it a popular and effective natural deodorizer. You can add it to the deodorant you already use, or simply apply a few drops directly to your armpits; this will not only leave you smelling great but it will inhibit the growth of new odor causing germs. It’s important to note that Bergamot essential oil can increase skin’s sensitive to sunlight, so be sure to use sunblock or cover up before spending time in direct sunlight. Overall, Bergamot is a wonderful and powerful healer and a great addition to your holistic medicine cabinet.

  4. Digestive-Booster

    Studies have shown that somewhere between 30-40% of the U.S. population suffers from constipation! No one really enjoys discussing it but its something we all must take seriously. Bergamot essential oil is a metabolic aid that helps with regularity by stimulating the release of digestive juices, bile, and even insulin – ultimately assisting the body with proper and efficient nutrient absorption. It can also help with regularity by promoting natural intestinal movements, which speed up digestion and reduce any strain on the digestive tract. Adding a drop or two of Bergamot to your water or rubbing 3-5 drops on your stomach daily can help regulate and relieve intestinal discomfort.

  5. Cold & Fever Fighter

    No one enjoys feeling feverish or all stuffed up; Bergamot essential oil can help combat fever-causing bacteria and eliminate germs and toxins that develop when you’re feeling under the weather. Bergamot can assist in reducing body temperature by stimulating the endocrine system and reducing stress levels. You can also relieve chest congestion and loosen phlegm and mucus by diffusing Bergamot throughout the home or by rubbing a few drops in your hands and then inhaling the aroma. You can also apply it directly to your chest or to a cup of tea.

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As always we use 100% natural and pure essential oils. All our oils undergo vigorous testing in our lab with GC-MS and Refractive index certifications proving their purity and safety for consumption when used as directed.

Bergamot essential oil is a holistic must have! Whether you’re adding to your personal collection or buying gifts for friends, at up to 65% OFF you don’t want to miss this offer! This deal is only available while supplies last, so claim yours before it’s too late!

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